Group Members

Mail Address Elena Besley
Dr. Ivan Derbenev
Innovate UK postdoctoral research fellow
Mail Derbenev
Dr. Harriet Åhlgren
ERC postdoctoral research fellow
Mail Harriet
Dr. Alexander Markevich
ERC postdoctoral research fellow
Mail Markevich
Dr. Stephen Skowron
ERC postdoctoral research fellow
Mail Steve
Dr. Anton Nizovtsev
Leverhulme Trust postdoctoral research fellow
Mail Nizovtsev
Ms. Michelle Bound
PhD student Year 4
Mail Michelle
Mr. Jack Wadey
PhD student Year 4
Mail Wadey
Ms. Katherine Wickham
PhD student Year 3
joint with Dr. Nick Besley (Chemistry)
Mail Wickham
Mr. Joseph Glover
PhD student Year 2
Mail Glover
Mr. Joshua Baptiste
PhD student Year 2
Mail Baptiste
Mr. Edward Mortimer
PhD student Year 1
joint with Prof. Paul Brown (Engineering)
Mail Mortimer
Mr. Matthew Halstead
part time PhD student Year 1
Mail Halstead
Ms. Emma Daniels
MSci research student

Hathersage Moor, The Peak District. June 2016


Former Group Members

PhD Students

Mr. Eric Brazil Lindgren (2013-2017), PhD student; PhD awarded 2017.
Subsequent destination: postdoc in the Stamm's group, Department of Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Mr. Stephen Skowron (2012-2016), PhD student; PhD awarded 2016.
Subsequent destination: postdoc in the E. Besley's group.

Mr. Gerardo Raggi (2011-2015), PhD student; PhD awarded 2015.
Subsequent destination: postdoc at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Applied Physics.

Mr. Adriano Santana Sanchez (2009-2014), PhD student; PhD awarded 2014.

Ms. Evgeniya Volkova (2010-2013), PhD student.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Matteo Baldoni (2013-2017), postdoc.
Subsequent destination: scientific researcher, ISMN CNR Bologna, Italy

Dr. Matthew Lennox (2014-2016), postdoc.
Subsequent destination: assistant professor/lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Bath, UK

Dr. Ho-Kei Chan (2013-2015), postdoc.
Subsequent destination: assistant professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China

Dr. Mikhail Suyetin (2011-2014), postdoc.
Subsequent destination: research scientist, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Navaratnarajah Kuganathan (2010-2011), postdoc.
Subsequent destination: postdoc at UCL, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Tim Lillestolen (2009-2010), postdoc.

MSci Research Project Students

The titles of MSci research projects untertaken over the years in the group can be found here.

Summer Project Students

Mr. Matthew Evans (2013), University of Manchester
Project: "Dense packing of fullerenes"

Ms. Alice Henley (2013)
Project: "Computational screening of functional groups for methane capture via weak hydrogen bonding in MOFs"

Mr. Eliot Jones (2012)
joint with Prof. Tony Stace (Chemistry) and Dr. Richard Hill (Physics)
Project: "Using magnetic levitation to measure interactions between macroscopic particles"


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