Ms. Emma Daniels (2018)
Project: "The manipulation of carbon allotropes using low energy ion beam irradiation"
Subsequent destination: PhD at the University of Bath, UK.

Mr. Lewis Giles (2017)
Project: "Electronic properties of nanostructured Lithium Nitride"

Ms. Sarah Roberts (2017)
Project: "Decoupling the electron irradiation damage mechanisms of encapsulated organic molecules"

Mr. Joshua Baptiste (2016)
Project: "Theoretical analysis of the electrostatic interactions between charged dielectric fragments undergoing Coulomb fission in the electrospray mechanism"
Subsequent destination: PhD in the E. Besley's group.

Mr. Joseph Glover (2016)
Project: "A computational evaluation of functionalised terphenyl-based metal-organic frameworks for CH4 and CO2 adsorption applications"
Subsequent destination: PhD in the E. Besley's group.

Mr. Rory Shanahan (2016)
Project: "Electronic structure of graphene with substituted defects"

Ms. Alice Henley (2015)
Project: "Quantum chemical analysis of binding sites in metal organic frameworks"
Subsequent destination: Dorset Software Company, Poole, UK.

Mr. Christopher Wilcox (2015)
Project: "Electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons"

Mr. Richard Tattersall (2014)
Project: "Modelling the effects of a polarizable medium on the electrostatic interaction between a pair of charged dielectric spheres"

Mr. Dominic Mistry (2014)
Project: "AIMD simulations of irradiation-induced structural changes to graphene flakes"

Mr. Daniel Meadows (2014)
Project: "Jahn-Teller distortion and the electronic structure of graphene flakes containing a monovacancy"

Ms. Charlotte Weaver (2013)
Project: "Computational design of MOFs with elongated linkers and a high capacity for gas storage"

Ms. Michelle Bound (2013)
Project: "Computational design of MOFs with nitrogen-enriched linkers and a high capacity for gas storage"
Subsequent destination: PhD in the E. Besley's group.

Mr. Thomas Alexander (2012)
Project: "Computational modelling of the properties of graphene nanoribbons controlled by confinement in carbon nanotubes"
Subsequent destination: Ernst&Young.

Ms. Katarzyna Koziara (2012)
Project: "Interactions of polyoxometalates with graphene and graphene oxide"
Subsequent destination: PhD with Prof. Alan Mark, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Kieron O'Donovan (2011)
Project: "Computational study of mechanisms for the formation of endohedral metallofullerenes"

Ms. Rosalind Onions (2011)
Project: "Computational modelling of transformation between carbon nanomaterials in transmission electron microscopy"
Subsequent destination: Royal Society of Chemistry.