Connor Williamson

PhD Student

Connor obtained his MSci Degree in Chemistry and Molecular Physics from the University of Nottingham in 2020. During his final year, under the supervision of Prof. Elena Besley he worked on the development of electrostatic solutions describing interactions between particles with inhomogeneous surface charge distributions. He then stayed in Professor Besley’s group at Nottingham to pursue a PhD in the further developments and applications of the electrostatic theory. In 2018, he also undertook a summer placement researching organometallic synthesis of Manganese compounds under the supervision of Professor Mike George.

Current Research Project
Research Interests

  • Development of Electrostatic Solutions
  • Electrostatic Self-assembly
  • Many-Body Electrostatic Interactions
List of Publications
The influence of surface charge on the coalescence of ice and dust particles in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere.
Baptiste, J., Williamson, C., Fox, J., Stace, A.J., Hassah, M., Braun, S., Stamm, B., Mann, I., and Besley, E.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2022, 21(11), 8735-8745.
Manipulating Interactions between Dielectric Particles with Electric Fields: A General Electrostatic Many-Body Framework
Hassah, M., Williamson, C., Baptiste, J., Braun, S., Stace, A.J., Besley, E., and Stamm, B.
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 2022, 18, 10, 6281-6296.