Alexander Markevich

ERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Alexander Markevich was granted a PhD degree in Physics by the University of Exeter, UK, in 2013. He got a MSc degree in Materials Science within the Joint European Masters Programme in Materials Science (University of Aveiro, Portugal; Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany; Aalborg University, Denmark) in 2009. Alexander joined the group of Prof. Elena Besley in January 2013.

Research Project(s)

Computational Modelling of Structure-Property Correlation in Carbon Nanomaterials.

Research Interests

  • First principles density functional theory (DFT) calculations of carbon nanostructures.
  • Structural defects in graphene.
  • Electronic properties of layered graphene structures.
  • Electronic properties of graphene on different substrates.
  • Modification of graphene electronic properties by atomic and molecular adsorbates.
  • Catalytic oxidation of graphene and graphite.
  • Physics and chemistry of surfaces.

List of Publications